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Default Re: Forex Market News And Analysis

NZDJPY dropped to 75.63

In our live forex analysis NZDJPY below is our pairís weekly chart. Itís been in a sideways trend since the beginning of 2017, with a range of 75.63 Ė 83.81 (818 pips). In the last 7 weeks, the New Zealand dollar has risen against its US counterpart from 76.09 to 81.31. Buyers are propping the price up at the upper boundary of this range.

The Bank of Japan favours a loose monetary policy, so this upwards trend should continue during the 1st quarter. This growth can be broken down into two phases. First, growth up to the DTR1 at 81.73. Secondly, after the breakout of DTR1, growth to 83.31. Once the pair exits the sideways trend, we can consider the possibility of a surge on the Kiwi dollar to 87.60.
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