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Boeing share price soaring, but turbulence lies ahead

Boeing’s (BA) share price has risen an impressive 66% compared to this time last year, boosted by enthusiasm in the airline and defence markets. Increased travelling has had a positive effect on airline traffic, while rising international tensions have prompted countries to increase spending on defence.

But there is turbulence ahead for Boeing in the shape of increased competition in its biggest operating segment, airline business, which has yielded $65 billion of the company’s $95 billion total revenue over the last two years.

While this is unlikely to send Boeing’s share price into a tailspin, it might be expected to move sideways for the foreseeable future.

Airbus, Boeing’s main rival in the airline business, have traditionally made bigger planes and hadn’t been able to benefit from the recent downsizing trend in the airline industry and increased demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient planes.

However, now Airbus has taken a majority stake in Bombadier’s C series jet programme, and in an instant, has added a high-performing, smaller sized aeroplane to its range without incurring any acquisition costs.

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