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Default The Matrix & Trading

It is widely accepted that all (self) trading is only small part system and most part mental discipline. A good trader.. one who has a rule based system and the discipline to follow it will make money on most systems that have a positive probability and win/loss ratio. Instead we obsess about indicators and stop losses and broker scams, these aspects keep us from dealing with the main issue. Two guys who focus on this issue are authors Mark Douglas and Van Tharp, both offer valuable insight into how to trade sharpening the mind. I suggest some Deepak Chopra also.

Once you work on this, your home life and trading will improve dramatically and the fog will disappear. Van Tharp says that "We get out of trading what we are looking for (approx)".. its a chilling sentence for all those who have the insight to understand it...... everyone else just carry on looking for the next best thing to make themselves easy profits. Trading is a microcosm of the Matrix film theme, once you plug into the grid it keeps you amused and focused away from the real issues.
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