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08 November 2017

Intuition Works! Proved by Real Trading in TelegramBotDear traders,

Do you know that according to statistics traders conducted more profitable trades via Telegram Easy Bot than in trading platform?

Telegram Easy Bot was specially designed for traders who value their time. This virtual assistant provides current quotes for all the available trading instruments, so that a trader has everything to make well-considered decision.

For instance, in October 61% of all the trades were profitable, for Telegram Bot the percent of profitable trades turned out to be higher 74%!

Why is it so? When trading via Telegram Bot, trader doesn't see price movement chart and gets all the information in numbers, so there is less panic involved and orders are not closed too early. Market intuition helps to get through drawdown and, as a result, get bigger profit.

Trade via Telegram Easy Bot and increase your profit with FreshForex!

Intuition Works! Proved by Real Trading in TelegramBot

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

via Online support chat;
via ticket system in your Client Area;
by email;
by filling out special form on the website;
or by phone +442070992124.
Good luck in trading!
FreshForex fresh view on money!
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