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Did the markets miss what happened in Vegas?

Itís the morning after the Vegas shooting. Over 50 innocent lives lost in another act of random violence that has shocked every decent person to their core.

Everyone except the markets, it seems, despite it being the deadliest shooting in modern US history.

Predictably, gun stocks have soared while the value of MGM shares (the company that own the hotel chain that was the scene of the massacre) have plummeted.

But for Wall Street and the other markets itís almost like it never happened.

But imagine yourself, if you can, in Americaís playground today. What would you be doing?

How many people are out and about enjoying what makes Vegas what it is?

How many have decided to end their visit early and go home?

How many others have decided to cancel their trip to Sin City?

How much money that would have been spent in Vegas today and in the coming weeks is going to stay at home. Probably billions, but that disturbance to the economy is being treated like a scraped knee.

In Catalunya, violence during the referendum for independence from Spain saw 850 people injured. It also had a direct effect on the value of the Euro. Itís likely to have an ongoing influence on Euro/Dollar trading as the aftermath and implications of the Catalan vote are factored in.

It could be argued that the two events shouldnít be compared. Itís a valid argument until the memory is cast back to how the markets reacted to the 9/11 attacks.

Every event that has a direct effect on the flow of a significant amount of money has an effect on the markets. Itís like taking some of the oxygen out of the air Ė itís going to get harder to breathe.

Vegas is one of the USís biggest tourist destinations. Over 250,000 people work in hotels, restaurants, bars and casinos in the area. An additional 100,000 jobs rely on tourism by providing services to the industry.

And yet CNBC decided a history of gun stocks value rising after shootings is the most significant aspect of the massacre to focus on.

The Wall Street Journal didnít mention it at all on the front page of their website, but found space for effect of hurricane Maria on insurance.

CNN lead with the charitable donations big business were offering the grieving.

Las Vegas is going to be affected by this shooting because it relies on tourist arrivals. Last year 43 million people visited the city and they spent $35.5 billion. $1.4 billion of that is collected by state and local government in gaming and rooming taxes every year. But Reutersí main finance story on the shooting was a video interview of New York University hospitality professor, Richie Karaburun, saying that there would be no impact on international travel to the city and only a very slight impact on the number of visitors who will go this weekend to Vegas.

Sometimes the news will help a trader make trades, on others, like today it doesnít.

But you can be sure that the experts at FXB Trading have already factored in the effect of the tragic event that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday evening into their immediate trading strategy.

Seasoned traders donít need a news report to tell them which way the markets are going to go, they create their own analysis and draw their own conclusions to events in order to stay profitable.

For advice on how to take advantage of price movements in shares, or on how to trade shares or currencies in general, talk to the experts at FXB Trading. Our platform makes it easy to start earning a second income with only a small investment in time and funds needed.

The FXB Trading team are on hand to teach its members any aspect of trading that they are interested in, and reveal how they make their living trading the worldís markets.
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