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GBP / USD: on the eve of NFP publication
Current dynamics

The index of supply managers (PMI) for the UK services sector in October was 55.6 (forecast was 53.4, in September PMI for the UK services sector was 53.6). Such data was presented today by the Royal Institute of Procurement and Supply in conjunction with Markit Economics. This index is an indicator of the economic situation in the services sector of the UK and does not have such a strong impact on GDP, as PMI in the manufacturing sector. Despite the strong performance, the pound reacted rather sluggishly to the data presented. Investors continue to assess yesterday's decision by the Bank of England to raise interest rates and the speech of the head of the bank Mark Carney.
As you know, the rate was raised to 0.5% from 0.25%, for the first time in the last 10 years, which was not a surprise. Two of the 9 members of the Monetary Policy Committee David Ramsden and John Cunliffe voted against the decision, remaining dissatisfied with the low growth in the British salaries and the decline in domestic spending. The UK economy is largely oriented to the domestic market, and a weak growth or decrease in domestic consumption costs negatively affects the country's GDP growth.
The minutes of the meeting of the Bank of England also indicated the need for two stages of raising the rate by the same amount until 2020. In response, the rate of the pound and UK government bonds fell. On Thursday, the pound fell to the dollar by 1.4%.
The uncertainty that emerged after the vote for secession from the EU in June 2016 continues to have a negative impact on the country's economy. According to the forecast of the Bank of England, in 2018 and in subsequent years, GDP growth will be 1.7%.
Meanwhile, on Friday, the index of the dollar WSJ, assessing its rate to 16 currencies, grew by 0.1%. Investors continue to assess the details of the Republican project and the appointment of Jerome Powell to the post of head of the Fed.
Today, investors are preparing to publish (at 12:30 GMT) data on the number of jobs outside of US agriculture in October. This report is a key indicator of the state of the US economy, and favorable data will be taken into account by the Fed in the decision to raise rates at the meeting on December 13. It is expected that the number of jobs (indicator NFP) in October increased by 312,000. In September, for the first time in seven years, there was a decrease in the number of new jobs (by 33,000), which is explained by hurricanes.
If the data is confirmed, the dollar will continue to strengthen. If the data prove to be much weaker, for example, below 150,000 new jobs, the dollar will react with a decline throughout the currency market. In any case, a surge in volatility is expected in the period of publication of data from the labor market. Often there is a sharp jump in the dollar in one direction and no less sharp subsequent rollback. Many traders in the US call the day of publication of data on the labor market "pay day".
Also, important US macro data (business activity indices in the services sector and production orders) will be published at 14:45 and 15:00 (GMT), which can become a generator of either a rollback after a strong movement on the NFP, or an incentive to strengthen the dollar's movement to the same side.
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