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Default Re: Unique forex advisor for the pair eurusd

Originally Posted by ALeek7777777 View Post
As I understand from the article on the Internet, this is no ordinary adviser. The adviser in online mode via the Internet receives signals from one of the brokerage houses and conclude the deal on them. That is, the transaction advisor to duplicate traders one of the brokers.
It is logical that it can not be tested in the tester, but on a demo account for a week he brought a 115% profit.
Who cares to test discharged into the archive.
It is interesting to know whether it will be profitable to trade. Advisor works only on a pair eurusd at this timeframe does not matter.

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Works great on demo, but live trading with spreads and slippage kills it all. Need some overhaul in risk management and additional trading costs, otherwise it has potential to work on live for some time I guess.
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