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Default Forex4you has terminated all the agreements with FxCash

Forex4you has terminated all the agreements with FxCash

Dear Clients,

This is to promptly inform you on the issues we are having with Forex4you.

Today, it came to our attention Forex4you has terminated all the agreements with rebate services at its sole discretion. FxCash is a leading spread rebate company operating in the market for many years. As likely as not, this is why Forex4you decided to terminate the agreement with us first.

Forex4you is now sending notifications to our clients telling them no longer exists. This is not true. We've been in the market since February 2009, and our reputation is impeccable. Since the very start, we have been committed to transparency and prompt payments. This is why we would like to clarify our issues with Forex4you, so that you may know what is really happening.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In case you've already got any Forex4you payments on your FxCash account balance, you can withdraw them with no limitations whatsoever. If Forex4you says otherwise, just disregard it, as this is not true.

In the light of the above circumstances, as well as the likely reasons for Forex4you terminating agreements with rebate services (such as conflicts of interest between the company, the clients, and the partners/affiliates), we highly recommend you not trading with this broker anymore. Our major partners will shortly launch special offers for our clients in terms of transferring accounts to other brokers.

FxCash Team
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