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Default Help creating EA

I was trading Forex 7 years ago and I want back to market. I used Excel only, and I would like to turn my strategy into an EA. I just understand the basics of programming, and would like to know how I could create an EA in the martingale style, but with customizable lot sizes. In these characteristics:

A) First order configuration: Set whether the operation will be BUY or SELL and manually start 1st trade

B) Post each new order after 20 pips loss (or other stipulated amount)

C) Customizable lots in each order. (Ex: 1st order 0.02 lot / 2nd order 0.04 / 3rd order 0.08) - (not doubling, just example)

D) Close operation after profit of 10 pips and start all over automatically according to my BUY or SELL configuration in item A. Only stop the cycle if I disable automatic restart.

Based on your experience, would this be very difficult to do? I have tried to get some EA Martingale and modify, but it has been very difficult to me. Could you give me an idea of the easiest way I can do an EA in these settings?

Thank you very much guys!!! =)
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