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Default Help for newbie

I have been trying some demo accounts - GFT, FXCM - for the last month to get a feel for trading, and have been doing quite well.

Soon, I will be looking to open a micro account. My strategy is simple. I look for the price trends, and go long or short depending on the MACD, and EMA indicators using the hourly time frame. When I have time, I use the minute time frame to make a quick win, with the same indicators.

I have read many reviews of many systems, where both positives and negatives. Can anyone recommend a good broker or ECN?

My plan is to start with very little trading capital, and build it to achieve a full account. I do not ever imagine that I will hold any more than 6,000 at any point in time. Once I have got to this level, I can then take profit.

Your help and suggestions are very welcome.

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