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May 2016: TOP 10 Trading Signals Through the Eyes of NordFX Analyst

It's believed that there are no large drawdowns, but there are small deposits. Let's consider the following example: a drawdown of 90 dollars with a deposit of $100 is a disaster, if the deposit makes $1000 the drawdown is reasonable 9%, and if it makes $10000 then the latter may be ignored.
Traders who trade manually or with expert advisers, using averaging of positions or martingale, will confirm that you should not count on any profit if an account lacks decent funds. The deposit may become at risk of any mighty move of the market. And if we open the ‘Signals’ tab on MT4 and look which of them feature subscription, it becomes clear that a half of providers of these signals trade using the same averaging or martingale system.
Certainly, these high-risk strategies are able to bring both quick profit, and a similar quick zeroing of the account. So how do we reduce the risks? The leading analyst of the international broker company NordFX, John Gordon, discusses this very thing in his monthly reviews.
According to the results of May 2016, TOP 10 most popular signals with subscribers are the following:

I. MenjadiTrader PAMM 144842 (growth 64%, 447 subscribers),
II. Pound Aussie Real (growth 1010%, 170 subscribers),
III. Small to BIG Money (growth 269%, 158 subscribers),
IV. Fusion Project (growth 397%, 155 subscribers),
V. Green Line Signals (growth 77%, 125 subscribers),
VI. MAXI (growth 586%, 103 subscribers),
VII. Lemar Investment Group (growth 809%, 95 subscribers),
VIII. Q2FX (growth 1482%, 90 subscribers),
IX. Asia Balance (growth 432%, 82 subscribers),
X. CB06143 (growth 309%, 79 subscribers).

"MenjadiTrader PAMM 144842 is considered to be a ‘fixture’, J. Gordon states, "ranking among TOP 10 throughout 2016. It doesn't look so attractive against many other signals. Wherein others show growth of hundreds and thousands of per cents, it showed growth of only 17% within last five months (from 47% in January to 64% in May), and at the same time it appeared to top the popularity rating. Why? I think there are three reasons for it:
- the first one is a life time of a signal, 112 weeks in the market without loss of a deposit is already a certain guarantee;
- the second reason is a very small drawdown. It didn't exceed 19% during these two years;
- the third one - subscription to this signal is absolutely free.
Therewith it should be noted that it is clearly not scalping, the average time of position holding makes 3 days. Generally, the author of MenjadiTrader PAMM 144842 has been working rather steadily. As a comparison, there is none of seven signals with a yield of around 2000% and more, included into January rating, in a current TOP 10. So, there is a lot to be thought over.”
“As to other signals”, NordFX analyst continues, “Pound Aussie Real and Green Line Signals are firmly fixed among top performers ranking among TOP 10 for the fourth month in a row. And one more signal is Q2FX, it has been steadily retaining its position among the TOP 10 for the third month.”
“As for Green Line Signals, in my previous comments I insistently recommended to think twice before subscribing to it. And I proved right about it. Due to aggressive trading, the signal lost around 85% of the deposit. This is a rather typical final for the strategies based on martingale or averaging of positions, and therefore the previous 700% turned into just a few tens of percent. It means that all the users subscribed to Green Line Signals in February, March and April lost their money, and only January subscribers, apparently, only the remaining 125 subscribers out of almost 500, who had been subscribed to that signal a month ago, could preserve their capital.
Pound Aussie Real signal seems to be more stable. However it should be used cautiously as a high drawdown is quite common for it, and in May it reached its high of 57%. For those subscribers whose deposits include bonus such a drawdown can be critical.
Currently Q2FX seems to be a more preferable trading signal against previous ones with pretty impressive profit and quite admissible drawdown around 10%.
Small to BIG Money signal took the third place in May rating. To my mind, it is too early for any significant conclusions. This signal exists only three weeks, therewith 388 transactions out of 494 (i.e. around 80%) were made during one day - on May 3, bringing a huge chunk of profit. So far Small to BIG Money shows a moderate drawdown – it is less than 8%, however due to slippage the results of subscribers can turn out to be not so impressive.
Fusion Project signal shows a pretty good performance – there is no hedging, no martingale, average yield makes around 50% per month with the maximum drawdown of less than 10%. The only drawback is a sufficiently short life time of the signal, but it can be fixed if a trader operates properly", John Gordon points out.
“MAXI signal is somewhat similar to Fusion Project - manual trading without a grid and averaging, growth makes around 60% per month with a drawdown of 22%.
By the way, as to the maximum drawdown, it shouldn't be perceived as a certain constant", John Gordon sums up. "For example, in the last review I praised CB06143 signal because its drawdown didn't exceed 4.5% during two years of life. We must admit that this result is stellar. But just a few days ago its deposit drew down by 21.22% and one of the most important indicators was slightly spoiled. However, CB06143 still has investment attractiveness, because it shows sustainable, though not hefty income. And, as you know ‘Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent’. Especially in the Forex market."
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