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Default New Broker: Gerchik&Co

New Broker: Gerchik&Co

Founded in 2015, Gerchik&Co got an International Financial Services Commission license in the same year. Ever since, it has been providing its clients with top tier STP (Straight Through Processing) brokerage services, which means all trades are routed to the real currency market.

Gerchik&Co provides best quality services and innovative tools that help traders maximize their profits.

Gerchik&Co offers 5 account types:

Mini, minimum deposit: $500
Simple, minimum deposit: $1,000
Silver, minimum deposit: $10,000
Gold, minimum deposit: $25,000
Platinum, minimum deposit: $100,000

You can find more on Gerchik&co in our Broker list.

To learn how much you will get for single transaction, please visit our Forum.

Happy trading
FxCash team.
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