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April 2016: Top 10 of MQL5 Trading Signals
Overview by NordFX Expert

Its always fascinating to watch people make choices and then try to understand their reasons and motives. In this case, its not about presidential elections of course but about subscription to trading signals provided by the eponymous service integrated in MetaTrader 4.
As common knowledge goes, all money-related matters call for special attention, and autocopying of trades is no exception. Logically, you simply select a signal provider with some of the largest profits and replicate his trades. The question is whether its always the best solution. John Gordon, leading analyst at international broker company NordFX, shares his views on it.
The top 10 of the most popular signal providers for April 2016 are presented below.
I. Pound Aussie Real (growth 927%, 502 subscribers),
II. Green Line Signals (growth 42%, 478 subscribers),
III. MenjadiTrader PAMM 144842 (growth 61%, 336 subscribers),
IV. Asia Balance (growth 339%, 157 subscribers),
V. Q2FX (growth 1403%, 117 subscribers),
VI. F Cracker (growth 20%, 96 subscribers),
VII. MWsclp (growth 41%, 84 subscribers),
VIII. CB06143 (growth 294%, 80 subscribers),
IX. Night Hunter (growth 329%, 72 subscribers),
X. LVIK Forex Commo (growth 20%, 54 subscribers).
John Gordon says, In comparison with March, the two leaders Pound Aussie Real and Green Line Signals switched places. The former gained a position while the latter moved down, although, in my opinion, it may drop out of the top 10 by far in the next month. I doubt that someone would want to renew subscription to a signal that has lost 84% of the deposit amount in one go.
In the previous analysis, I urged to be very careful with subscription to Green Line Signals, the reasons being a short lifespan of the signal and nearly marginal drawdowns. The large number of subscribers can be explained only by their desire to get rich fast as in the 3 months of existence, the signal provider recorded impressive profits of almost 700%. However, the finale is quite typical for strategies based on the Martingale system or averaging of positions the initial hundreds of percentage points have dwindled down to just 42%. It follows that all who subscribed to Green Line Signals in February, March and April have lost all their investments. Only January subscribers have been able to preserve their capitals.
The signal Pound Aussie Real seems to be more stable. Still, the maximum drawdown of 44% raises some concerns as well. Id like to point out that a large drawdown is not so rare for the signal. As recently as April there was a flop of 27.5%, with a mere 1.4% profit.
The signals MenjadiTrader PAMM 144842 and Q2FX have kept their positions after March. The former has increased its profitability by a modest 5%, and the latter by 6%. With this, it should be noted that the maximum drawdowns of both signals are quite sensible 19% and 10.4% respectively, which reduces investment risks considerably.
F Cracker is in the 6th place. I think this is rather a peculiar signal. Its just over a month old, the drawdown is 21%, growth is 20% but there are 96 subscribers already! I believe it has to do with an effective promotional campaign by the signal provider and possibly with the participation in affiliate programs.
MWsclp is a free long-lived signal that has been producing 10-15% growth per month for the past 5 months. Nonetheless, it hadnt demonstrated anything remarkable during the year before and its profits have been at zero on average.
Theres a very interesting signal Id like to draw your attention to CB06143. Its operating principle is, Less is more. Profits are from 1 to 10% a month, a respectable lifespan of about 2 years and a phenomenal drawdown of 4.5%.
Lastly, the signal LVIK Forex Commo ended up in the top 10 most likely because its 2 years old and its drawdown is slightly above 10%. However, its profits are quite modest only 20% over 111 weeks. The upside is free subscription.
In conclusion, says John Gordon, what could (and should) be emphasized is the common thread of this overview: its important to do proper money management and not to chase big profits; its important to regulate risks in the MT4 settings (first off, adjusting maximum deposit load) and select signal providers with a reputable history (60, 80, 100 and more weeks). Luckily, they are well-represented on the MetaTrader list.
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