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Default EUR/NZD for February 4, 2016


EUR/NZD has taken a position from where a strong rally through 1.7007 and more importantly a breakout above 1.7271 can be seen anytime now. But this scenario needs support at 1.6564 to protect the downside for a breakout above minor resistance at 1.6917 and then at 1.7007.

The breakout below 1.6564 will be yet another disappointment which delays the expected rally higher closer to 1.6487 and maybe even closer to 1.6370 before higher again.

Trading recommendation:

We are long EUR from 1.6837 and have placed our stop at 1.6537. If you are not long EUR yet, then buy near 1.6640 or upon a breakout above 1.6780 and use the same stop at 1.6537.
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