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Default Re: Broker for EA Trading (Scalping)?

Originally Posted by AlandFX View Post
Broker for EA Trading (Scalping)?

Hello guys, I picked up a very aggressive scalping robot from a friend of a friend, the problem is where to use this crazy EA?

It opens and closes orders within seconds, one cycle usually opens 4-5 orders, first one a 0.01 order and then once the direction is identified it opens 3 or 4 larger orders usually 2.5 -3 lots. It needs low core spreads and fast execution of course to react to the direction indicators and a broker that wonít kick me off after 2 days of making money.

Iíve tried Alpari, FxPro and even Instaforex, not one is suitable for different reasons. Iíve narrowed my search to STP Brokers only, but itís hard to find a suitable one.

If anyone can recommend a good broker, Iíd be willing to try and see how it goes.

Well its a kind of tricky strategy so after 2-3 successful withdrawals of profit brokers most probably start to hamper your trading. I'd advice you to use several brokers for trading, to diversify risks
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