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Default Re: Cash back?

Dear Traders,

We are delighted to announce you a new broker is now a part of our partner network: FXFINPRO Capital. Now, you'll get some extra income from FxCash for each transaction, even if it's a loser, when trading with FXFINPRO Capital.

FXFINPRO Capital is a EU regulated broker offering a variety of investment products and services, including stocks, futures, currency pairs, CFD's, stock indices, options and other derivatives.

FXFINPRO Capital platforms use state-of-the-art technologies to enable automatic trading request routing to liquidity providers with the best rates possible. A confirmation is issued from a liquidity provider before the order is confirmed with the trader or rejected.

FXFINPRO Capital welcomes all trading styles and strategies.

You can find more on FXFINPRO Capital in our Broker List.

To learn how much you will get for a single transaction, please visit our Forum .

Happy trading!

Regards, team
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