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Default FXCash Rebates Thread

Dear Traders

We are proud to introduce FxCash, the first service provider to offer Instant Forex Rebates and instant commission withdrawals.

To start profiting with FxCash, you just need to keep on trading as you have done before, but now you will get additional cash (from $3 to $25, immediately available for withdrawal) for each standard lot per trade.
Our rebate system is 100% transparent, and all payments are processed automatically. You can withdraw your earnings anytime and instantly. FxCash offers instant withdrawals into the most popular payment systems (Skrill, Neteller, Bank wire, etc).

Here are just some advantages which you can enjoy as FxCash Trader:
- Instant forex cashback comissions and instant withdrawals into most widely used e-wallets (bank wire withdrawals are also available).
- Forex rebates up to $25 per standard lot (depends on the currency pair, futures contract, stock or option) for each trade, whether it is a winner or a loser.
- Over 30 forex brokers partnering with us.
- Profitable affiliate program for our clients: you get 10% of all profit made by your referrals.
- Personal care for every client, regardless of their account size and number of trades- withot exceptions.
- No minimum withdrawal limits.
- Constantly evolving project.
- Experienced and friendly Customer Service (accessible from 7:30 A.M. till 4:30 P.M. CET via phone and Skype).
- Constantly updated FxCash Partner Base (including new brokes and forex services).
- Authentic contact details with an option to schedule a live meeting with one of our agents.
- Free Account opening and service.

Question: I cannot quite get what you mean by 'forex rebate service'... Could you please explain?
Answer: For every trade that you place on forex market with any broker, you will have to pay a certain amount of money in costs or commissions. These costs vary from broker to broker.
Thanks to our partnership agreements with major forex brokers, FxCash rebate service will allow you to refund a significant amount of your trading fees and commissions (which will be
credited right into your FxCash account).

Are you familiar with the Forex Rebate system? If not, then we will be happy to share the secret with you and tell you how to significantly increase your profits.

Question: How much can I earn with FxCash?
Answer: The value of profit that customer may receive by FxCash depends only on the volume of transactions (both profitable and unprofitable) concluded in the forex market. It can be quite significant.

Question: How do I get started?
Answer: The only thing you need to do is sign up with FxCash (it's free), choose a broker you want to trade with and open your trading account through FxCash. That's it!
You will now be getting constant rebates for each of your forex trades.

Over 15,000 traders have already chosen FxCash. With over 34,000 accounts opened via our service, we are happy to offer transparent forex rebate system and instant cash withdrawal.
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