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Default Re: Instaforex Company News

Analyst of the Year award

InstaForex would like to introduce you to its Analyst of the Year award. The contenders run the gamut from newcomers to world experts in various approaches and methods of analyzing financial markets. You can change the course of things by voting for a particular analyst.
Seven contenders having the majority of votes will be declared the winners. The analysts will share the 2014 contest prize money which is $45,000 (1st prize: $15,000; 2nd prize $10,000; 3rd prize $7,000; 4th prize $5,000; 5th prize $4,000; 6th prize $3,000, and the 7th prize $1,000).
In addition to voting for a contender for the Analyst of the Year award, you can read their daily and weekly analytical reviews. The information you will gain will be extremely useful for your trading.
If you are a subscriber to InstaForex analytical reviews and you use them regularly, you will find it easier to vote for the analyst whose reviews are the most helpful for you.

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