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Default Re: Instaforex Company News

Social Responsibility of InstaForex

One of the major work principles of InstaForex Company is bringing humanity to business. Having become the most exposed broker on the currency market, InstaForex strives to comply with an ideal implying the rules of running fair business as well as panhuman moral standards and principles.
Social responsibility of InstaForex is the way we see the work of a real modern company which does not forget about simple human principles even in terms of severe competition and uncompromising struggle between the market participants. According to these tenets, social responsibility must be an unalienable part of any large-scale company led by people who are able to feel for somebody.
We do not aim at making a dominant name or initiate a PR-campaign extending aid to the needy. InstaForex Company’s support of several Russian and foreign charity institutions is not an attempt to earn fame or advance rating among the rivals. As it was already said, social responsibility of InstaForex is the way we see an up-to-date company and the work principles which it has to follow.
For a few years already, more and more charity organizations and private individuals have became InstaForex Company partners. The list of charity organizations and volunteers will be constantly up-dated on this page meant for reflecting the concept of social responsibility in InstaForex Company. In such a way, we help and suppose it to be necessary to back up charity institutions and simple people who lend a real support to medicine, education and those who sort out these social problems.

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