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Default Re: Instaforex Company News

InstaCredit System by InstaForex

InstaForex presents the InstaCredit system, an innovation that enables InstaForex traders to borrow funds from Investors who, in their turn, are able to earn huge profits.
The InstaCredit system is especially designed to provide convenience and security for both types of participants. InstaCredit Investors are given the opportunity to earn without trading, while InstaCredit Traders are provided with a means to obtain additional funds to supplement their trading activities.
Investors also donít have to wait for a long time to get something in return because Traders are required to pay a security deposit before the loaned amount is finally transferred to their accounts. Investments are protected as well through InstaCreditís Minimum Loss Percentage, which must be set by the Investor upon approving a Traderís loan request. Once the Traderís funds reaches the Minimum Loss Percentage, the remaining loaned amount shall be automatically returned to the Investorís account.
Traders, on the other hand, are allowed to apply for and acquire loans without any limitation on the number of loans that they can get. The InstaCredit system facilitates the instant transfer of loaned amount and other necessary payments while giving Traders the freedom to create their own loan terms. Traders can decide on the duration of their loan term or, if they want, to extend it.
All InstaForex clients may register with the InstaCredit system anytime and without additional fees. So hurry and sign up now!

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