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Default Re: Instaforex Company News

InstaForex supports Nepal quake survivors

The deadliest in 80 years earthquake has rocked Nepal recently. The death toll now stands at almost 8 thousand. People from all over the world participate in funds raising campaigns for Nepal relief efforts.
InstaForex could not just stand by and transferred funds to World Vision humanitarian organization to support the survivors of the devastating quake. The funds will be spent on emergency shelter to those who lost their homes, as well as medical aid and transportation of food and drinking water.
A powerful 7.8-magnitude quake ravaged the western part of Nepal on April 25. As a result, more than 16 thousand people were affected and almost 8 thousand were killed. The disaster destroyed more than 288 thousand dwellings; 254 thousand houses need to be rebuilt urgently.
InstaForex hopes that its respond will help the people of Nepal to recover from this terrible tragedy.

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