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Default Re: - ECN/STP, MT5, CQG, Multiterminal broker


As usual, first a few words regarding last week’s forecast:
- for the EUR/USD pair the forecast was fulfilled by no less than 100%. We supposed that the EUR/USD pair would experience a sideways trend and a possible descent to the 1.0800 mark. This is what actually ended up happening, as on Tuesday the pair fell into the 1.0700÷1.0850 zone and stayed there for approximately one hour before determinedly rising in order to finish the week at exactly the same mark as the mark it started from;
- the GBP/USD pair was strictly abiding by our “guidelines” of a sideways move all week until Thursday evening, maintaining an even narrower range than we originally supposed. However, this was followed by the announcement of the British election results, which surprised not only politicians but also financiers, resulting in the pair soaring up by more than 200 points
- Regarding the USD/JPY pair, the majority of both analysts and indicators asserted that the pair would keep strengthening in the area above 120.00. On the other hand, a rather tight-numbered opposition was foretelling a rapid downwards rebound. The result was that both groups proved to be right, as at the start of the week “bulls” were propping the pair up, not letting it fall below the arranged 120.00 line. However, they then weakened and passed on their influence to the “bears”. Zoologists claim that Japanese black bears prefer steep mountainous terrain, which, judging by the way the pair impetuously descended, is hard to disagree with. However, by the end of the week, the pair once again climbed upwards, returning to the 119.70 point, which it has been fluctuating about since the end of March.
- The USD/CHF forecast maintained that the pair would continue following in the wake of EUR/USD, acting as a mirror image of its “older sister”. Therefore, , looking at last week’s charts we can now shout “Bingo!”, since the forecast proved to be 100% accurate.
Now on to the forecast for the upcoming week. Aggregating the opinions of 35 analysts from the world’s leading banks and brokerage firms, as well as forecasts, which were based on an extremely diverse range of technical and graphical analytical methods, we can presume that:
- The EUR/USD pair will most likely continue occupying a sideways trend with fluctuations about the 1.1230 mark. At the very least, this is the conclusion we arrived at after looking at the neat split between expert opinions: ↑ - 22%, → - 3%, ↓- 19%, ↔ (raised hands) – 56%. A similar situation occurs with indicator showings: ↑ - 35%, → - 17%, ↓- 48%. The main levels of support 1.1060, 1.0850 and 1.0650, whilst the main levels of resistance are 1.1290 and 1.1440;
- For the GBP/USD pair an absolute majority of indicators (87%. ) on both H4 and D1 foretell growth. Analysts’ opinions, however, diverge (↑ - 25%, → - 9%, ↓- 22%, ↔ – 44%. ). Since the pair has already reached quite a high level of 1.5600, there exists a significant probability that the pair will attempt to barge through the resistance and settle in the 1.5475÷1.5785 zone. However, a failure to do so and an ensuing descent to the 1.5000 support level can also be predicted with a similarly high probability.
- As for the USD/JPY pair, expert opinions and indicator predictions also diverge (experts: ↑ - 7%, → - 22%, ↓- 26%, ↔ – 45%, indicators: ↑ - 60%, → - 17%, ↓- 23%. ). However, both are satisfied with a Pivot Point level of 119.70, support at the 119.20, 188.75 and 119.20 levels and resistance at 120.05, 120.30 и 120.85;
- Regarding the near future of the USD/CHF pair, however, both analysts and indicators are in harmony: more than 75% of the former and 56% of the latter agree that the pair should rise and settle in the 0.9300÷0.9400 corridor. The next support level is 0.9190 and the next resistance level is 0.9500.

Roman Butko, NordFX
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