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Default ExoFx - Exotic Trading Broker

Dear Trader,

Exo is a leading online trading brokerage specialized to provide individuals and organizations with services in international financial markets. The company is a partner of several leading brokerage software developers. ExoFX applies the STP model with the Bridge Technology to work with its Prime Broker and executes clients’ orders in Non-Dealing Desk mode.

ExoFX acts as support center, providing customer support, back office and compliance services. It also offers extensive education and training services to International traders to help them understand the Currency market better. ExoFX offers round-the-clock trading with various currency pairs, as well as in Gold (Spot), Silver (Spot) and CFD as well as indices.

ExoFX offers its professional and private clients the ability to trade in currency markets through the MetaTrader 4 trading system online and in real time mode. The advanced and convenient MetaTrader 4 platform is equipped with the latest functions and parameters, providing each client with a personalized service tool.

ExoFX offers a safe and reliable environment for online trading and aims at providing the most competitive trading conditions through the provision of low spreads, mobile trading, and other trade advantages.

Our Experience

Over the years of meticulous work the company has gained an extensive client base in dozens of countries worldwide. The company gives clients an option to select the terms of trading operations: instant execution or market execution.

Pushing the Boundaries

ExoFX is a permanently developing company. By extending the list of trading instruments, creating new products and implementing cutting-edge technologies, the company is in continuous contact with its customers and partners. Maintaining the loyalty of clients and long-term cooperation with them is a priority for us.


Our company only employs multilingual teams of highly experienced professionals with expertise in trade, finance and IT. ExoFX has set its objective of becoming a leading trade company offering 24-hour access to currency markets worldwide.


ExoFX will focus on cooperation with a large number of Referral Partners in many countries of the World. The IB (Introducing Brokers) programmer will have to offers our partners the most competitive commission rates in the Industry.

Focusing on professional participants, ExoFX creates and maintains conditions for the effective use of free cash assets. By offering liquidity with low spreads, reducing margin requirements and removing restrictions on trading, the company strives towards its main goal - to create conditions for private and corporate investors to freely access global financial markets. We keep and multiply the main asset of our company - the reputation and respect of our customers.
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