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Default Re: What are you looking for in broker?

I learned of the incident yesterday, As we may already know, yesterday morning there was a very sudden and massive move in Swiss Franc pairs. CHF pairs have never seen this record-high volatility.Within few moments EURCHF dropped to below 1 from an early morning solid-high above 1.20. Other CHF pairs experienced similar extreme moves seen with EURCHF.

What does it mean for traders?

Of course, it was a golden-opportunity for many traders to earn quite a lot. Clients of many brokers, however, were not able to profit from this move due to requotes and rejects. Many brokers have started to cancel Client profits with reference to various causes and contract conditions. We are very sorry to see that happening!

In my broker, Tickmill. i have a good experience. Because as always, They didnít issue a single re-quote and they Clients can keep their profits in their pockets. They are proud to report that it is business as usual at Tickmill as client trading and all other processes are going normally.
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