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Default New Features

We added some new features to our free indicators:

MTF Fractal Indicator: New option for "Extend_Line" setting (Until_Break: draws line until the candle closes it over. Fixed_To_Specified_Candles: You can adjust forward and backward the length of the extend line. Ideal for only peak/bottom visualization.)

Infoboard Indicator: We added a risk calculator module. You can calculate anything with the followings: money risk, lot size, point distance. You can adjust the Tick Value parameter, but the indicator is able to fill in automatically. More about risk management.

All indicators: Over the perpetual optimizing and bug fixing we added user friendly description of settings for some parameters (thanks for the Metatrader's new abilities). For example: Until now the line style was adjustable with numbers. From now you can set from a drop-down list options (Solid Line, Dashed Line, Dotted Line, Dashed And Dotted Line, Dashed And Double Dotted Line).

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