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"Spreads in half": payments are increased by 10%!

Dear traders!

From October 6 to November 2 join our promotion called "10% to Spreads in half" and get even more benefit from spread rebate!

The company's clients connected to the "Spreads in half" promo are already aware of its main advantages. Thanks to a smart rebate of spread, a trader can get profit in any situation.
For each lot of a profitable trade you get $5, and in case of failure, you will still get rebate $ 10 per lot. To celebrate the birthday of "FreshForex", we decided to make this promotion even more useful and prolonged the payout for a whole month!

Now each trader will be able to return 10% extra of spread, which means benefit is 10% more. Please pay attention: if you have already linked your account to the "Spreads in half" promo, payments will be increased automatically!
You can check instructions for participation in the promotion and its detailed terms on a special page of our calendar.

Wish you success in trading!
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