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How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in August

Dear traders!
The summer has come to an end and we are ready to provide you with the data about activity of our best traders. But let's begin with the results of the month in terms of fundamental analysis.

Negative macroeconomic statistics on inflation and GDP in the euro area has led to a significant weakening of EUR/USDpair in August. As the result of sales, the united European currency lost weight and ended the month by 2.22% decrease. In the last summer month GBP/USD pair also decreased by 1.7%. Against the backdrop of the weak economy and the "bull rally" in the US stock market Japanese Yen has strengthened and increased by 1.25%.

Despite increased risks in Iraq, "bear rally" continues in the oil market, which puts many traders in a deadlock. In the dispute between bears and bulls on gold (XAU/USD) the last won the minimal victory over the month. At the beginning of the month, we have seen increase of geopolitical risks that supported the demand in precious metals, and in the second half of the month reduce of yields of the US 10-year's Treasuries encouraged bears to open short positions.

US GDP for the second quarter was revised towards better figures up to the level of 4.2%, which in sum with positive reports brought a futures contract on the S & P500 to a new historic peak 2005.3 p.

What were the results of “FreshForex” traders in August?
1085.27% - is the increase of deposit reached by one of the most successful clients. The trader mainly operates with major pairs and BRENT oil, partly using advisers.
1773 trades - were made by the most active client during the last month. Trades were made on the Market Pro account, without application of advisers and with AUD/CAD cross-rate. Trader has gained 169% of the deposit's increase.
47% of traders finished August with a plus - the proportion of clients which keeps deposits more than 10,000$.
188 100$ - the result of the most profitable client.

Are you interested in other indicators of the company? You can easily find them in the "Statistics of our work" section.

Wish you success in trading!
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