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Originally Posted by hlass View Post
For the people that want to know, yes it is real live trading, been in the forex for over 3 years now, ash' system is very easy to follow, use the 5m sometime 15m but 95% i use 5m charts, 20-30stoploss depending on the pair, mostly trade eur and pound sometimes dabble in e/j and the key to this or any system is to just wait for the break, when I see the break of the ema's and confirmation, I enter.

If someone can expalin in brief how to post my charts here I will place them here, thanks.
Another way is (if you have mt4 charts)
A) right click on the chart
B) save as picture
C) active chart (as is)
D) save it on desk top

then when you post a coment on this thread, you will see a paper clip shaped icon which is a symbal to atach files and once you click that paper clip it will ask you to search for the file to atach to your post, (in this case the file or chart you saved is on your desk top) click it and then click upload.
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