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Default Thanks for the SSS & nice web site!

I'm a noob. Been wracking my brain (tend to obsessive/compulsive) 10-12 hrs./day the last 3 months. After all that I felt totally confused. Saw a post on another site about stepping back- to higher timeframes and from all nighters. The same thread (from the other site) suggested using "Ingot's Rainbow". It waits for perfect set ups across all time frames & produces 2-3 trades/month. Anywhoo, this was to complicated/slow for me but I liked the concept. I simplified the rainbow & looked for correlation across 1h, 4h, & daily. After 4 weeks of nothing but losers, instant success! I just applied the SSS to my charts & it seems to mirror what i'm using but with more accurate entry signals. Will continue to monitor, THANKS so much!!

PS:anyone heard of the "rainbow"? Any comments? Since i'm using daily as my trigger, looking for longer term trends & using SL/TP of 150/300 (demo only of course). Thanks again guys!

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