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Margin requirements are five times less now!

Dear traders!

Our aspiration is to provide traders with the most comfortable terms for trading with every financial instrument. That's why we reduce margin requirements for CFDs on spot precious metals, oil and stock indices fivefold from 16th of June. Get even more profit with "FreshForex"!

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How this innovation can help you in trading? Here is an example: margin requirement for 1 ounce of gold (0.01 of lot) or 10 barrels of BRENT oil used to be about $25. Now, to buy the same volume, you only need just about $5*. In its turn, increase of trading volume allows you to get profit which is 5 times larger!

You can have a look at the new margin requirements at the "CFD specifications" section. If you have any questions, please contact our support service or your personal manager.

*Margin for CFDs is defined based on the leverage of your account. We remind you that you can change the leverage of your account in your Personal area.

Wish you success in trading!
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