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How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in April

Dear traders!
Traders of "FreshForex" company never stop to surprise us with their successful cases on currency market. Today we are going to tell you about the results of their trading in April. But before we do that, let's make our regular analysis of latest economical events of the past month.

Weak macroeconomic statistics was the background for EUR/USD pair's growth by 0.7% as for the end of the month. USA GDP report for the 1st quarter disappointed investors – for the first three months the leading world economy grew up by only 0.1%, that is significantly worse than consensus forecast. A strong decline in the winter months also affected its economic growth.

GBP/USD currency pair demonstrated growth by adding 1.25% in weight. Despite compression of the inflationary pressure, investors still remain optimistic about British currency and open long positions on pullbacks. Growth of employment rates in the UK in February dispelled all doubts of bulls: unemployment fell down to 6.9%, exceeding expectations of market participants.

USD/JPY pair had been remaining under pressure during the second spring month. Sales in Japanese stock market did not contribute to growth of quotations as conflict in Ukraine was escalating. By the end of April, the US dollar/Yen pair fell down by 0.95% and closed trading at around 102.23.

Performance of "FreshForex" traders in April:
• 3 557.99% — the point that was reached by our most successful client. It is worth noting that he traded with EUR/USD pair and did not use EA.
• 3,741 – number of trades made by the most active trader. He was trading "manually" and attained 31.30% growth of his deposit. 54.55% of clients closed April at a plus - this is the percentage of traders with the deposits of $10,000 and above.
• Total percentage of profitable trades is 72%.
• $79,150 is the result of the most profitable trader.

Masters of the "Flаgmаn invest " PAMM-platform also demonstrated excellent trade in the past month. By investing $1,000 in Goldman Master account, you would earn $624 in April. To assess results of other traders, visit the “Top of Masters”.
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