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Forecast of AUD/USD

Monthly chart: so, a strong rolling swing upwards is completed, its pike is bearish pinbar. It is a very strong Southern determination and, besides, it is correct in technical point of view. Therefore, a major middle-term expectation is start of decline down to 0.84 (the bottom Bollinger band). The point where such expectations may break is the breakthrough above the middle Bollinger band (0.9625).

Weekly chart: here we see development of reversal following to bullish convergence. Key resistance point is 0.9625. Here growth scenario is the main point (marked by blue arrow), but the situation on the monthly chart tells us that start of a new downward wave (red arrow) is equally probable. The middle Bollinger band (0.9059) performs as the key supportive point.

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Day chart: a strong pinbar from the supportive bottom Bollinger band (0.9208) is seen here, which is a very good sign for purchases. Another option is the break under the bottom, break of pinbar and decline.

Conclusion: main scenario is growth from 0.9208 to the area 0.9625 Another option is getting under 0.92 and decline to 0.8650.
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