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Originally Posted by bernbeach View Post
Well, the SSS chart setup is very pleasant to work with: simple and not overloaded anymore with all kind of indicators.
I realise it works on all time frames. I prefer the four hour/daily time frame, b'cse the potential is "bigger". the waiting is longer. So patience requiered...:).
A few remarks: I realise that when all the indicators are for a S or a B, we can still be stopped out because the S was too close to a major day/wk support level and the B to a Resistence. So we have to take that into consideration?
2) Red/green bar on AO for sale/buy do I understand well that it is irrelevant whether they are above or under 0.00 line?
Wait for other comments.
A great WE
Hi, just my comments FWIW.

In my opinion S&R lines should be drawn manually before you start using any system on a chart. Everyone will have their own methods but I draw them on the 4 hour chart first for the major levels then refine them on the hourly chart. Pay close attention to levels which have been used for both S&R as these are stronger. If you're well within these levels, trade away. With regards to the AO, yes I believe you're correct.

Hi all,

Just a testament to a person that knows how to create a method that can be worked with many different timeframes, I have been using this now for almost 4 weeks and no less than 250pips per week using mostly 5m timeframe, this week well over 400pips due to the volatility throughout the markets, but no complaints, I will take whatever I can get with this superb method of trading, thanks again Ash.
Hlass, would you care to post a chart or two to help other traders using this system, along with trades you took and your SL & TP levels?

My own observation is this system works best in trending markets, and should only be used in the direction of the trend. This can easily be checked on higher timeframes if the 7 is below the 14 ema.
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