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Default Re: OctaFX.Com - No-Deposit Bonus 8 USD + 30% Bonus on each deposit

Swap free trading with OctaFx!

OctaFX offers swap-free accounts to their clients. Whether or not your beliefs or trading strategy require swap-free trading, you can always open a swap-free account at OctaFX.

You can always apply for a swap-free account at registration, no matter whether you choose a Micro or ECN account. No overnight charges will be applied to your account. OctaFX respects various trading strategies and does its best to meet every possible client's requirements and expectations. To apply for a swap-free account please check the box "Swap-Free" when opening your account. Your account will be automatically assigned swap-free status.

Join OctaFX today and enter the world of requote-free trading and the fastest execution!

Please stay tuned for the news and updates from OctaFX!

Thank you for choosing OctaFX as your top-notch Forex Broker.

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