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Default Re: OctaFX.Com - No-Deposit Bonus 8 USD + 30% Bonus on each deposit

Round 21 of OctaFX Champion Demo contest proved that determined traders always reach success!

OctaFX Champion Round 21 proved that determined traders always reach success!
Round 21 winners’ stories of success have arrived! Enjoy the fresh view on our splendid Demo contest and join it in the next round. You will be able to improve your trading performance and get a unique experience – demo account allows you to try various techniques and take more courageous decisions.

OctaFX Forex Championship
This month four luckiest traders became a part of OctaFX Hall of Fame:

  1. 1st place – Mr. Kanchan Dey from Bangladesh
  2. 2nd place – Mr. Mohamed Hafez Amin Ahmed from Egypt
  3. 3rd place – Mr. Mazlan Mude from Malaysia
  4. The last runner – Mr. Chuan Dai from China

Mr. Kanchan Dey, occupying the 1st place feels rewarded at last – he spent all 21 rounds competing! “I felt so happy after saw me as an OCTAFX Champion. I participated in almost every contest held by OctaFX. Still every time I failed. That’s why this time I was determined to do well and I got my prize for serious hard work and that’s why I am so happy. I can say that my Gold trade was my most profitable gain and I didn’t encounter a loss trading GOLD also”.

Here’s some more inspirational feedback from other participants:

Hope Mr. Kanchan Dey’s story inspired you as much as it inspired OctaFX team! Follow the glorious example – register in the next round of OctaFXChampion Demo Contest!

OctaFX congratulates the awarded participants and hopes that OctaFX Champion Demo contest serves as a perfect start of a successful trading career!

Spend your luckiest days with OctaFX!

Open account today and enter the world of requote-free trading and the fastest execution! Join OctaFX today![/COLOR]

Please stay tuned for the news and updates from OctaFX!

Wishing you luck and profitable trading, yours truly, OctaFX!

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