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Currency market is off-side
Review of the past week

The past week on the Forex market was very interesting in terms of events. On Wednesday's evening, Fed Reserve declared about start of seizure of QE3 stimulative program. Chief of the US regulator Ben Bernanke stated on the press-conference that indices of the labor market and GDP are rather optimistic, whereas inflation is scarcely amendable to control, FRS will closely watch this figure. It was also stated that on its next meeting in Jan 2014 the Federal Open Money Committee will consider the issue about tapering of its buying program.

This step taken by FRS was reflected by major currency pairs by moving into both sides, further to which US currency consolidated. Leading stock exchanges responded to this statement by growth of their quotations. This rally encourages bulls a lot when it came to Usd/Jpy pair and a new year high was reached.

British stats continues to encourage investors. This time market participants received a positive report on unemployment level, which reduced by 0.2% down to the level of 7.4%. In contrast to euro, the pound finished the week with a slight growth.

On the last trading day of the past week, Japanese CB's meeting took place. As it was expected by market participants, the volume of bond buying remained as it used to be. Regulator declared that it is ready to adjust its monetary policy whenever necessary. And one can expect that this necessity can arise in 2014, which will lead to further weakening of the Japanese currency.
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