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Default Can't wait to actually try this system...


I've used MACD and MA Methods before, but nobody has been this accurate in showing how to set them up properly for me before. As stated in the title, I can't wait to trade this system for real; it's worked great on demo so far and I will be running it on live account within the next week. I'm looking forward to more great information like this in the future. My only suggestion would be to move your Limits up to 45 for a better Risk VS Reward Ratio of 1.5 instead of just 1... It has seemed to work better for me this way and is more profitable, I also would advocate locking in profits and sometimes allowing your profits to just run instead of always using a 30-45 pip Limit Order. This also may help to prevent the Broker or Dealing Desk if your Broker has one, from using slippage, time delay or improper stops because they're unsure of your motives through the trade. Again, I can't wait to try this method for real though...


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