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Spotlight on the Fed reserve meeting
Review of the past week

The past week on the Forex market was not very notable in terms of macroeconomic statistics. According to the week's results, united European currency managed to consolidate its positions a little, despite weak European stats. Industrial output decreased by 1.1% over the month, which is the lowest value from October, 2012 and indicates problems of the European manufacturing. On Thursday, 12th, in the US report on retails was published. The volume of retail grew by 0.7% which says about good paces of growth, because consumer expenses play a very important role in the US GDP. Though USD consolidation against its main competitor was moderate and trading week was closed by it on the point of 1.3741.

In the beginning of the past week, GBP/USD quatations have been moderately growing. On Monday 9, BoE Governor Mark Carney stated that British economy allows optimistic estimations and now it is difficult to find the reason of deteriorating of a potential upsurge in the economy. Such positive comments encouraged British currency to set a fresh year high at the point of 1.6464. However the fuel for growth expired at this point and bears entered the game. British economy provided a mixed news background: manufacture grew for 0.4%, whereas visible trade balance sheet was rather worse than the medium line of forecasts. Strong retails stats from the USA poured oil on the fire as well as the positive dynamics of Eur/Gbp.

Trading week was closed by Gbp/Usd pair below 63 figure, at the point of 1.6295. Japan provided negative macroeconomic stats. Total GDP estimation for the 3rd quarter showed reduce by 0.5%. Also it is necessary to underline weak data on business index for big manufacturers BSI, which demonstrated drop in 5.5 points against the previous quarter. In case of further deterioration, one can expect additional softening of monetary policy by Japan that will instigate one more wave of Usd/Jpy growth. Further to publication of a strong report on the US retail, USD/JPY quotes went up and established a fresh year high at the point of 103.91. After that, bulls decided to fix profit and trading week was closed by the pair at the point of 103.24.
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