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Dear clients,

LiteForex expands the list of its trading tools and introduces additional instruments – platinum and palladium.

Platinum and palladium are attractive trading instruments owing to a stable demand for precious metals on the world’s metals. This factor increases the attractiveness of these trading instruments and opens new investment opportunities for traders.

Platinum is one of the world’s most expensive metals considered to be a stable and liquid means of saving funds during a period of economic instability; accordingly, traders can use it as a protective tool, because this metal does not fall in price as much as other assets do, in case commodity markets slump.

A wide use of palladium in various industrial sectors makes it a really popular investment tool. The pricing of palladium is strongly influenced by the dollar, oil and gold rates and changes in the world’s industry.

The advantages of platinum and palladium trading at LiteForex:

  • LiteForex provides the highest leverage of up to 1:250 depending on the type of your trading account.
  • No fees
  • Twenty-four-hour trading
  • Major currency basket
  • Diversification of investment risks

LiteForex’s clients can now take advantage of trading the XPTUSD and the XPDUSD. Please visit the page to learn more about the trading conditions and start make profits on the stable and liquid market.

The LiteForex Company
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