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Originally Posted by Shuvalov View Post
WTI oil can be traded now

The LiteForex group offers its clients to trade a new instrument - West Texas Intermediate (WTI). This grade of oil is now available in the trading platform.

WTI is considered to be a touchstone in oil pricing as well as an indicator for the American economy. These factors provide unlimited profit-making opportunities for an investor when trading this instrument.

Oil is the world’s most liquid and sought-for instrument among commodities. For LiteForex’s clients the commodities market is now represented with 2 grades of oil - West Texas Intermediate and Brent.
I'm almost unbelievable about this kinds of instrument in Forex...
OIL can be traded???:rolleyes:
How do Lite making this things can be trade in here??. So smart idea....

Surely awesome broker....
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