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OctaFX .com -Success stories from Round 12 winners revealed!

Dear traders!

Today we are proud to award OctaFX Champion Round 12 winners!The round results remained unpredictable literally till the last minute. Once again over a thousand of the strongest traders of the world were in battle for the glory to win and receive amazing prizes from OctaFX. Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the Round 12 of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest are:

1st prize, 500 USD, and congratulations to mr. Rusdian from Indonesia
2nd prize, 300 USD, and our huge respect to mr. Ilham Mudin from Indonesia
3rd prize, 100 USD, and give props to mr. Ruslan Daud Mendogu from Indonesia
Finally the last, but not the least prize winner, mr. Md Ashraf Uddin from Bangladesh

And traditionally, we have interviewed those who won the competition and asked them to share their success stories for everyone to see and follow. Now, let’s allow our winners speak for themselves:

What is the key factor of your success? Why are you better than everyone else?

Mr. Rusdian, 1st prize: I am always learning from my experience. I try to learn as much as possible from from my trading, I am truly open-minded for new ideas and knowledge. Of course I am willing to learn from others and happy to try new trading technique.
Mr. Ilham Mudin, 2nd prize: Patience is the key to my success. One must carefully observe the market, watch trends and wait patiently for the perfect moment to enter the market. I think I managed to win because I set my goal and followed it.
Mr. Ruslan Daud Mendogu, 3rd prize: Frankly, I don’t think I am that much better than anyone else. I just followed the trend and placed my trades accordingly. Maybe I was lucky to win.

What trading tools are most preferred by you? Majors or exotic, and why?

Mr. Rusdian, 1st prize: Majors, because they are simpler. Besides, you always have plenty of liquidity in major currency pairs, which is a very important thing for day trading.
Mr. Ilham Mudin, 2nd prize:I’m using EUR/JPY and EUR/USD because they are quite easy to predict.
Mr. Ruslan Daud Mendogu, 3rd prize:The trading tools I prefer most is are majors, because I can learn trading in majors easily.
Md Ashraf Uddin, last place:I’m using candlestick chart with moving average and parabolic SAR. Certainly, I mostly trade majors because exotic pairs are too unpredictable.

How long does it take to become a good trader?

Mr. Rusdian, 1st prize:Actually the more you devote yourself to learning, the better you become in time. It’s hard to tell the exact timeframe, maybe a year, or maybe 10 years – you should never stop learning.
Mr. Ruslan Daud Mendogu, 3rd prize:It took me 6 months to become more or less experienced in the field. But every day I learn something new about forex trading.
Md Ashraf Uddin, last place: I think it take minimum 3 years to become proficient enough.

On behalf of OctaFX we would like to thank each contestant for taking part in OctaFX demo contests! And we promise to continue the tradition of the amazing OctaFX Champion Demo Contest! Don't miss your chance to become a winner!

Open account today and enter the world of requote-free trading and the fastest execution! Join OctaFX today!

Please stay tuned for the news and updates from OctaFX!

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