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Manual Forex Trading vs. Automated Forex Trading – What is Better? Forex robots have, and have always had, both fervent supporters and opponents. People, who argue againstusing Forex robots, bring forward the following argument: only a human being can make the right decisionbasing on his accumulated experience and acquired knowledge. At the same time, supporters of manual tradingclaim that you should have a clear trading plan, a clear market entry strategy, stop-loss and take-profitplacement rules and a market exit strategy. In my opinion, these two statements contradict each other. If a trader should be guided by his intuition and emotions at making decisions, he doesn’t need any rules. On theother hand, if a trader follows strict rules and can formalize his strategy, I think it would be a reasonable decision to automate this strategy. I’m familiar with many supporters of manual trading, who use scripts andexpert advisors, simplifying their task. I.e., generally speaking , they’re midway to complete automation – a Forex robot...

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