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Originally Posted by hlass View Post
Hi everyone,

I use any and all pairs that have a setup that are under5pips spreadon fxpro o rinterbank as I do have 2 brokers and fxpro has much better spreads, but the key is to get the proper setup, so i tmight mean going to something besides euro or pound, I try to stick with these 2, but sometimes there isnt a set up, so I look elsewhere, lately I have been playing 5 and 15minute charts with this nice simple system and almost perfect results, think I have lost 3 or 4 trades in a month, so that is average of 1 per week, not bad since I do about 20trades a week, thank you very much Ash.
well done hlass, do you use the 30pip stop and TP on the 15m or have you changed it? and also clarify please do you use it on all pairs that have no greater spread than 5? i am looking at the gbp/usd 15m chart, at a glance looks like many crossovers that would have been losses. check it out. i will test on other pairs this was the first i took a glance at and mabe i picked a bad example.
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