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Default Re: The Right Broker for you?

I agree with Sunny1234.
You should look more into the services and offers than the reviews.

Also, for me till date xDirect India has been a good broker. Good spreads, support is good and a variety of platforms to choose from.

Moreover, check for the educational services that they provide. For instance my broker xDirect provides it for free. which i think is most sensible thing the brokers of international level should do. If you won't educate how will the traders trade in the right way?! So kudos to xDirect for that.

As for regulations, yes regulations play a crucial role. Just check if the regulations mentioned are authentic enough...the rest is fine. In fact when the regulations are stricter, many brokers are tied from giving better offers.

So for the regulations part as long it is authentic enough, it should do!! :cool:
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