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Default Re: InstaForex - Broker #1 in Asia

Here are the lucky winners!
To take part in the contest is extremely challenging. Making this decision we think: "What if I win?" and we are eager to participate trying our best. Meanwhile, we should understand that good luck plays a significant role in the process of winning. InstaForex Company is pleased to greet award-winning traders and is ready to award the prizes!

FX-1 Rally
This contest is for those who love speed and excitement! FX-1 Rally is a fascinating contest full of unpredictability, excitement, and rivalry. Anatoliy Miron demonstrated the best result. He won a $500 prize. InstaForex warmly congratulates Anatoliy on his achievement! Would you like to prove yourself as the quickest trader? Next Friday you can take part in the contest. Register for FX-1 Rally on the registration page.

Lucky Trader
InstaForex Contests are for courageous traders. However, it is pleasant to be among the owners of the title "Lucky Trader". Nikolay Hilko has a good luck today. He is a lucky trader as he won $1,000 prize. Enroll for the next stage of the contest which will take place from December 17, 2012 to December 28, 2012. Registration is available until 23:00 December 16, 2012.

InstaForex Sniper
Vitali Kotchenko is a winner of the most popular contest among the InstaForex traders. InstaForex Sniper provides the possibility for the traders to compete with the other traders holding demo accounts and get a $500 prize. InstaForex warmly congratulates the winner. Everybody is welcome to take part in the next contest which will be held from December 10, 2012 to December 14, 2012. Registration is available until 23:00 (GMT+3) December 9, 2012.

Chancy Deposit
Who is the owner of the chancy deposit? The campaign is over signifying the name of the winner is known. This week fortune smiled on Jeong Myeong Gyu as he won a $1,000 prize. Next week you can prove yourself and try fortune. Hurry up and register!

InstaForex Company is glad to make your life brighter!

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Winnersí photos and comments
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