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Default Re: Fractal divergence guide

Originally Posted by MDunleavy View Post
Secrets of successful Forex Scalping
July 28th, 2010

Here are many supporters and opponents of forex scalping systems. There is no agreement of opinion even among people who use the same forex scalping system. It happens because success of the forex scalping system depends not only on professionalism of developers and the idea, realized in the system, but also on many external factors:
- Choice of broker. Many brokerage offices allow scalping, but can hinder work of the forex scalping system, especially if you deposit is small;
- Choice of the right money management policy. Many traders expect fantastic profits from the forex market and want to get several hundred percent per month. In order to achieve such goals traders often choose lot size, which makes 30% and even 50% from the deposit. In this case even one losing transaction can ruin the system.
- Professionalism of a trader. Many developers point in the system description that you don’t need special knowledge for trade and it’s true, but, at least, you must know settings of the system and metatrader trading terminal. It will help you to avoid stupid mistakes, which could ruin the system.
You should take into account several important factors when developing the trading system for gaining small amounts of profit during short time intervals (scalping trading systems).
The first and, maybe, the main factor is spread. Spread can ruin up to 20-30% of profit of your system. And if you add dealer’s actions, directed at destroying the system, we can suppose with high probability about 70% of loss.
The second important factor is multiple mistakes, which arise in the attempt to open or close market orders. For this reason many trading systems, which show profit at a test on historical data, may be unprofitable and even loss-making during real trade.
So how to develop a system, which will allow to use scalping and to make profit at the same time?
Many scalping systems have limits in time of trade. If you have a look on currency movement diapasons during so-called “quiet market” hours, you will see that currency deviance exceeds spread by several points. You can solve this problem in several ways.

The first way is to trade night and day, choosing currencies, which are currently match the scalping conditions, move in the linear regression channel or are in the flat channel, limited by resistance and support lines, for a long time. Or you can choose moments of low market volatility, when breakout of resistance lines or channel borders is unlikely.

The second way is to set the system a time limit, but at the same time to improve quality (precision) of entry and exit. Improvement of entry quality can be reached by means of formation of linear regression adaptive channels.

If you use a standard built-in linear regression indicator or other linear regression indicators, you will probably notice that arrangement of linear regression lines depends on number of bars, taken for channel formation. It is also easy to notice that you can form many such channels on the chart. So what channel is the most objective one? The most precise channel is the one, mean square deviation of which is minimal and is becoming lesser. There may be several such channels on the chart, and they will describe currency movement corridors more precisely. LR-Channel indicator will automatically detect all linear regression channels on the chart and will choose only those channels, mean square deviation of which is minimal and is becoming lesser.
Such channel will help you to detect entry and exit points more precisely than the standard linear regression channel or the flat channel.

BJF Trading group inc.
Very interesting, thank you :):)
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