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Originally Posted by lyn101 View Post
I've tried Zulutrade and Tradecopier and I can't complain...
The main difference is that zulutrade has a "closed system" of EAs and in tradecopier one can act as EA or as a "simple" investor following others. Obviously this makes zulutrade more reliable from the investor point of view, and Tradecopier more profitable for more experienced traders.

But the bottomline is that is very dangerous to just leave your money on others hands, the better you know how forex works, the better you will be able to take advantage of those kind of softwares.
this comment is totally incorrect on several levels:
1)zulutrade is not a closed system - traders that you decide to follow(or the som called copy) has thousands of differents trading styles and strategies - some use EAs, others are swing traders,, others are manually closing scalpers, others are day traders......and other are some mix in between. So we are so not talking about a closed system but actually a pretty dynamic one. Secondly, the so-called investor or follower has its own account management, and he/she decided on how much to attribute to each trader that they decide to follow.there are also protective features that the platfrom offers in order to secure the followers investment - so we are talking about full safety here.
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