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Default TrueTL 1.6 is Released!

We are pleased to announce the new version of our indicators.

What's new in TrueTL 1.6:
  • Automatic username storing: If you type your username into any TrueTL indicator, you don't need anymore to type in again, because all of the indicators will remember.
  • RSI and CCI trendline goes multi timeframe: You can watch other timeframe's indicator values, without switching between the timeframes. You can set timeframe of the indicator to: 0 = Timeframe used on the chart, 1 = M1, 5 = M5, 15 = M15, 60 = H1, 240 = H4, 1440 = D1, 10080 = W1, 432200 = MN1.
  • Other improvements for RSI and CCI trendline:
    - Cut TL Ending: cut the trendline's ending when it's broken.
    - RSI Width: specify the width of the RSI and CCI lines
    - Trendline Width: specify the width of the trendlines

Whats new from 1.01 version:
  • Improved candle stick recognition, and new switchable algorithm for redrawing (Lazy redraw)
  • Switchable option for draws trendlines to candle's high/low or candle's body
  • Offline chart compatibility
  • Filter the duplicated/narrow trendlines
  • Cut trendline ending

And so well as RSI and CCI trendline...

On the homepage you can find all settings with description. The update page contains all new features and sample pictures, from the first release.
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