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Default TrueTL 1.5 is Released!

We've finished the most radical development so far: there are two new options to make even less disturbing trendlines and clearer charts. The current version of TrueTL is much different than the first release, thanks to the continuous development.

What's new in TrueTL 1.5:
  • Lazy redraw option: The pattern recognition algorithm is the heart of TrueTL. It determines the trendline-redrawing. We improved this algorithm in version 1.1 and we never stopped developing. From now, TrueTL contains the even more upgraded algorithm, and this new "Lazy redraw option", which shows safer trendline breakout.
  • Cut trendline ending: Cut the trendline ending, when it's broken.
  • And of course the regular bugfix and optimization...

On the homepage you can find all settings with description. The update page contains all new features and sample pictures.
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