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Default Re: InstaForex - Broker #1 in Asia

A Month Left before Lotus Evora Will Be Raffled Away
The international broker [COLOR=#FF0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex happily informs you that in one month, on May 25, 2012, a long-awaited Lotus-number will be fixed. We will find out the trading account of the winner in the campaign "Fast Ride with the Best Broker", that will bring victory to its holder and a right to own a new sport car Lotus Evora.

If you have not got enrolled in the campaign "Fast Ride with the Best Broker" yet, still there is a chance to be among the prize-contestants! Itís high time to register your trading account in the campaign and appear among the people willing to own a luxury car Lotus Evora manufactured by a famous British producer Lotus Cars.

If you are dreaming of a posh sport car Lotus Evora being in your garage, fund your trading account with not less than $1,000 and register in the campaign on the website of the company. The car will be presented to the owner of the account, the last five figures of which will coincide with the Lotus number. The Lotus number is formed with account of the quotes of the five major currency pairs on May 2, 2012 at 23:59. The procedure of the winner determination is absolutely transparent and one cannot predict in advance who will go home driving a new sports car Lotus Evora. However, it is possible that your account will bring you the victory! Moreover, the rules of the campaign "Fast Ride with the Best Broker" allow you to open several accounts each of which will take part in the raffle thus increasing your chance to win by several times!

Take part in the contest and win in the campaigns held by the international Forex broker InstaForex!
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